Competitions 2020


Competitions 2020

Reid Cup
Winner: Neil Baillie
Runner Up: Douglas Craik

Gents Champion
Winner: Richie Baird
Runner Up: David Campbell

​Ladies Champion
Winner: Alison Steele
Runner Up: Roseanne McRobert

Winner: Neil Baillie
Runner Up: David Campbell

​MacKinlay 2-Bowl Trophy
Winner: George Dark
Runner Up: David Campbell
Leszke Trophy
Winner: Peter Gardiner
Runner Up: Neil Baillie

Greenscape Pairs
Winners: Eric Slorance and Adam Gallie
Runners Up: Richie Baird and Peter Gardiner

Blackadder Pairs
Winners: Roseanne McRobert and Richie Baird
Runners Up: Robert Christie and Neil Baillie

Club Pairs
Winners: George Dark and Chris Boynes
Runners Up: John Steele and Neil Baillie

Barnett Pairs
Winners: Anne Woolley and Neil Baillie
Runners Up: John Steele and Alison Steele
Barhaul Trophy
Winner: Tom MacDougall and Douglas Craik
Runner Up: Peter Hobbs and Neil Baillie

Nomination Pairs
Winners: Sandra Devlin and George Dark
Runners Up: John Devlin and Chris Boynes

​Rink Night
Winner: David Campbell
Runner Up: Gavin Stewart

​Stewart Triples
Winner: Pat Spicer, Alison Steele, John Devlin
Runners Up: John Steele, David Campbell, Chris Boynes
President’s Prize
Winner: Peter Gardiner
Runner Up: Pat Spicer

​Black Watch Trophy
Winner: Peter Gardiner
Runner Up: Douglas Craik

​Pitilie Shield
Winner: John Devlin
Runner Up: Stephen Dow

Taylor Top Team
Winners: Douglas Craik, Pat Spicer, Anne Walls, Tom MacDougall, Neil Baillie

​Davy Leggatt Trophy (Floodlit)
Winners: Jimmy Hermiston, Chris Boynes, Peter Gardiner


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