Earlier Photographs

Men's Senior Fours competing at
National Finals, Ayr in 2011.

Men's Senior Fours Semi-Finalists, National Championships, Ayr 2011

Jim Black, Tom MacDougall,

Robin Mcleod, Jimmy Hermiston

Mens Senior Fours Semi-Finalists, NationalChampionships, Ayr 2011

  Jim Black, Tom MacDougall,

Robin Mcleod, Jimmy Hermiston

Diana Taylor; Cathy Lambie; Anne Woolley and Isla Duncan - Scottish District 24 Ladies Rink Winners 2012 - at National Championships, Ayr 

Christine McLennan​ - winner of Perthshire Ladies Singles 2012

Early members of Aberfeldy Bowling Club

at the original bowling green within the

entrance to the Lower Birks

Early photograph of old
clubhouse built in 1906

Opening of the current green in 1905

Aberfeldy Bowling Club versus Bowls Scotland and the Perthshire Bowling Association - 150th Anniversary (2011)

Ian McOmish
PBA Singles Champion

Bowls Scotland District 6 Senior Fours Finalists 2011

L to R: Ray Taylor; Jim Black; Jimmy Hermiston; Hamish McRobert; Douglas Craik; Roddy McRobert; Robin Mcleod; Tom MacDougall

Perthshire Bowling Association

Pairs Champions 2001

Robin Macleod and Archie Condy

Aberfeldy Bowling Club Top 10 Winners

L to R: Eddie Shaw; Duncan McDougall;
Peter Woolley; Ronnie Barnett; Jimmy Hermiston; Archie Condy; Frank Conlon; Ian McOmish;
David Leggatt; Chris Boynes; Robin Mcleod.

The Club raised £400 at its prize presentation evening. The President presented the cheque to the Breadalbane Ceilidh Band who are touring Poland in 2013. Emma & Calum accepted the cheque on behalf of the band. All the photos from the presentation evening are here.

AGM 2012: Tom MacDougal handing over to the new President, Ray Taylor.

AGM 2012: Presentation to Cicely and

Tom MacDougall after completion of the

150th Anniversary year.

There are more photographs of the Ceilidh Band here.

Past President Roddy McRobert receiving a presentation from Buckhaven Bowling Club on 150th Anniversary match

L to R: Anne Woolley; Cathy Lambie; Isla Duncan and Diana Taylor - Winners of Scottish
District 24 Ladies Fours 2012

Scottish and Perthshire
Fours Winners 2006
AlanDuff; Jim Black

Frank Conlon; Jimmy Hermiston

Presentation to President Tom MacDougall from Darnhall Bowling Club
for 150th Anniversary 2011

Aberfeldy members Peter and Anne Woolley and

Duncan and Mattie McDougall watching the

Perthshire District Finals at Crieff BC - 2011

Throwing the first jack

of the 2012 season -
Diana Taylor with President Ray Taylor 

President Tom MacDougall and Cicely MacDougall with refurbished roller to commemorate the
150th anniversary in 2011.

Members watching the club finals

competitions from the clubhouse

Long standing club member, Duncan McDougall, enjoying some rare sunshine!

Aberfeldy A v Aberfeldy B in the Perthshire District Senior Fours Finals, Crieff Bowling Club 2011

NPL President Peter Woolley presenting gift to Aberfeldy BC President Tom MacDougall

on the 150th anniversary in 2011

Billy Devlin, Peter Woolley, Donnie Duncan and Mattie McDougall watching the club competition finals 2012

Club Badge updated for

150th Anniversary in 2011

Original Club Badge prior to

150th Anniversary update

Who left the tap running?  

Green after a rare summer downpour!

Runners Uo, Perthshire Ladies Fours (year unknown at present): Christine McLennan, Mary Carr, Ann Drummond, Dorothy Marshall.

Iain McOmish and Duncan McDougall with Almond Valley Open Pairs Winners Shield

Finalists at the Almond Valley Floodlit Pairs (1992)

Winners: Iain McOmish and Duncan McDougall (Aberfeldy BC) (centre) with Runners Up: Jimmy Hermiston and Willie Duff (also Aberfeldy BC)

Aberfeldy Bowling Club v Hamilton Bowling Club - 2nd September 2012

Perthshire Scottish Senior Fours Divisional Winners 1989

Rear: A V Wise; I Vass

Front: S Townsley; Z Leszke

Scottish Bowling Association

District Winners 1993

N Blair; A Duff; D Leggatt; A Condy

Opening of the Green  c.1933

L to R: Mr Tainish; Mr Halliday; Mrs Hunter; ___?; Mr J Hunter; Mr J Johnston?; Mr McLeod

Archie Condy

PBA Singles Champion

Winners of Menzies Davidson Cup
Angus & Perthshire British Legion 1941

George McLeish, Tom Stewart, U/K, Danny Robertson

Possibly opening of green 1949 with President William Hepburn (centre) throwing the first jack

Opening of green 1971 or 1972. Mrs K Blue, sister of President Baillie Duncan Smollett (front row
3rd from left) throwing the first bowl.

Opening of green, year unknown. Mr Alfred Menzies (bowling) and Mr McKerchar, the two oldest members of the club at the time (both
84 years old).

Opening of the green in 1961. Mrs R Irvine, wife of President R B Irvine, throws the first jack. Note the
unusual club member front row right hand side!

Opening of the green in 1973. Miss E McOmish, throws the opening bowl while President
J McOmish (on her immediate left) looks on.

Opening of the green, year unknown. 

Archie Condy,
SBA District Singles Champion 1989

Iain McOmish, U/K and Alex McIntyre

Archie Blackadder, George McLeish, U/K
and Donald McDougall - competition
and year unknown

Iain McOmish, Alex McIntyre and Archie Irvine - competition and year unknown

Opening of the green in 1970. President Donald MacNaughtan (front row, 4th from right) with members of the club.

Opening of the green. Year unknown

Jimmy Lind, 2nd from left with
members of the club -
competition and year unknown

Mr C Laing, Perthshire BA, presenting Archie Condy with the Duke of Atholl Trophy for PBA Singles Champion, with Gordon Smith, winner of the Dick Trophy for Perthshire Under 35's in 1981.

David Wishart, Sam Hay, David Cumming and Bob Macleod, winners of the Perthshire BA Gents Senior Fours - year unknown

Archie Irvine, David Cumming, Bob Macleod and Bob Mavor - Perthshire BA Gents Senior Fours Champions 1979

Opening of the green, circa 1960s. An
unusual club member makes another
appearance (far left)!

L to R: Tom Stewart, George MacLeish and two unknown members

SBA District Gents Fours Champions 2008

Frank Conlan; Billy Devlin;
Jimmy Hermiston; Jim Black

L to R: Joe Hunter, U/K, U/K, Danny McDougall (postman); Bob Alexander (Blacksmith); Bob Duncan (Draper); Hugh Halliday (Gardener); Peter Mcleod (Teacher)

Perthshire BA Gents Fours Champions 2005
Alan Duff; Frank Conlan;
Jimmy Hermiston; Jim Black

SBA National Gents Triples Semi-Finalists 2004
Jim Black; Frank Conlan; Jimmy Hermiston